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A beacon of hope to warriors. We are committed to seeing a sickle free enlightened world, yes it's possible. Join us on this!
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Judith Ojonugwa Sickle Cell Foundation

As an NGO that stands for advocacy and management of sickle cell we are rising above the challenges by setting up systems to continue to tackle sickle cell

Sickle cell comes with lots of challenges from hospital vistis and doctor's appointments, to stigmatization, use of routine drugs daily
advocates about sickle cell and educate on the importance of knowing ones genotype and to fight for the inclusion of sickle cell warriors having proper jobs and being recognized in the society.

We must stop the stigma while making proper efforts to stem and curb the disease, for quality healthcare and research for better treatment and care


What we are all about

To counsel people living sickle cell anemia

To provide warriors with drugs and all medical assistance

To counsel Intending couples on the need to know their genotype before marrying in order to avoid having a child with sickle cell

To sponsor indigent youth in education and social works, discover hidden talents among warriors and empower them in our skill acquisition center 

Caregiver empowerment and support initiative

Donate To Our Cause

SICKLE CELL, not a death sentence

Living your best life with it

  1. In order to live your best life as a warrior, know that MINDSET is key: have a "GROWTH MINDSET than a fixed Mindset
  2. There would surely be crisis but please stay strong and use these great keys: Prayers and Positivity.
  3. Set your goals and work towards them, no matter the pain. The greatest resolve is on you so do not give up. 
  4. As a warrior, you need a support system, you can't do it on your own, join a community of warriors close to you
  5. We all have a role to play in eradicating sickle cell, warriors pass through enough struggle, be a solution rather than a problem
  6. Avoid stigmatization against sickle cell warriors and be sensitive with words when communicating to sickle cell warriors.
  7. Support Foundations and Organizations that are working towards eradicating sickle cell
  8. The JUDITH OJONUGWA SICKLE CELL FOUNDATION (JOSCEF) was founded in August 2019 to provide access to quality health care for warriors, create awareness and reach out to warriors in rural communities
  9. We can work towards ensuring a sickle cell free world, yes it's possible
This change begins with you and me. KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE TODAY

Our Vision and Mission

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for persons who have sickle cell disease via advocacy, support, and education. In addition to offering information and support for patients, their families, and the medical community, we work to increase understanding of the condition and improve awareness of it.

Our mission is to support sickle cell patients in living healthy, productive lives. We support educating and supporting our community, as well as fighting for the funding and quality healthcare they deserve. Join us as we work to transform the world.

Help us out by making a donation, giving your time, or raising awareness of sickle cell disease. We can improve the lives of those afflicted by this crippling illness by working



Time out with the kids

(Royal priesthood orphanage home, Karomajiji Abuja)


Pad a girl child campaign

Government Secondary School Mararaba Nasarawa state

Genotype Awareness walk (world sickle cell day June 19th)

A message From our Founder

We can better understand sickle cell anemia if we consider knowing our genotype and educating others as well

Nigeria records the highest number of sickle cell births every year 150,000 babies are born

In August 2019, I had a surgery. The zeal to start enlightening people about sickle cell was birthed, it was so clear that I was nurturing a beautiful cause 

Just like youngsters we don't have all of the answers yet, but we do want to develop and inspire sickle cell warrior